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As of June 2021 we’re incredibly excited to say we now have offices in Kendal. We’re over the moon with how much this will enhance our ability to continue delivering services to businesses in the local area.


The team in Kendal bring even more to the table, with a key focus on utilising appropriate technology to enhance not only the quality of financial data clients have to hand but also the frequency at which this is delivered. We are all about making the numbers work for you.

Legislative changes over recent years have in some ways forced the hand of many business owners to utilise software where perhaps they weren’t doing so before. We’ve turned this on it’s head, yes it’s a requirement for more and more people to do so as Making Tax Digital continues to span into Income Tax but is that a bad thing? We think not.



Contact Details

Phone: 01539 266090


Address: Ground Floor, Meadowbank House, Shap Road, Kendal, LA9 6NY

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