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    Some guidance for these uncertain times due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic

    In these uncertain times we wanted to reach out to all our valued clients to let you know we are here to offer support and guidance over the next few months.

    Health and well-being are the most important things right now and so we already have our own team members working remotely.  We will continue to complete your accounts, VAT, payroll and tax returns in a timely manner.  If you and your people are also working remotely and / or struggling to keep your records straight then please let us know.  We can install a variety of Cloud based solutions to help and if you can scan and securely email documents to us we can help in posting them.  We do have a skeleton staff in the office until we are told we cannot, so if you’d like to drop your books in to us, or would like us to collect them, in the safest possible manner of course, then please call and we will make arrangements.

    If you need anything let us know. Our business depends on your business and we must all pull together during the coming weeks. 

    The Chancellor of the Exchequer has just announced there is to be a package to support sole traders too and as soon as there more detail on this, we can also publish this. 

    Our team members are contactable by ringing their Direct Dial numbers or by email as follows:

    Anthea Grange                    01254 927 943    anthea.grange@douglassgrange.co.uk

    Amanda Crompton             01254 927 962    amanda.crompton@douglassgrange.co.uk

    Denise Short                        01254 927 960    denise.short@douglassgrange.co.uk

    Derrick Griffiths                    01254 927 955    derrick.griffiths@douglassgrange.co.uk

    Francesca Lloyd                  01254 927 963    francesca.lloyd@douglassgrange.co.uk

    Ian Wilson                             01254 927 961    ian.wilson@douglassgrange.co.uk

    Julie McDonald                    01254 927 946    julie.mcdonald@douglassgrange.co.uk

    Julie Rodwell                        01254 927 967    julie.rodwell@douglassgrange.co.uk

    Laura Dean                          01254 927 964    laura.dean@douglassgrange.co.uk

    Lochlann Muir                      01254 927 957    lochlann.muir@douglassgrange.co.uk

    Michael Lynn                        01254 927 956    michael.lynn@douglassgrange.co.uk

    Mohammed Sidat                01254 927 954    mohammed.sidat@douglassgrange.co.uk

    Penny Eminson                   01254 927 952    penny.eminson@douglassgrange.co.uk

    Sharon Lees                         01254 927 969    sharon.lees@douglassgrange.co.uk

    We attached to this email some documents containing useful information, but here is a quick action plan to help focus your thoughts.

    1. Keep your eye on Government advice:
    2. Your main purpose is to protect the health of yourself, employees and customers and then reduce the risk of the financial impact to your business. You will already know that you need to take action now.
    3. Hold a meeting with key team members and work through the agenda in the Tough Times Business Checklist.
    4. Summarise the actions and allocate responsibility to make them happen.
    5. Talk to us – we are all in this together.

    Look after yourselves, stay safe and best wishes to you all

    From the Team at Douglass Grange


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